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Q1: What services do you majorly provide?

A1: We mainly provide 3D exterior & interior architectural rendering, 3D floor plans, 3D elevations, 3D animations service.

Q2: What softwares do you use to produce renderings?

A2: We use 3DSMAX 2012 to create model, VRAY 1.5 to render and PHOTOSHOP10.0 to add landscaping.

Q3: What files should we send to you for quotation?

A3: Floor plans, elevations, perspective angles are enough for us to give a price for you

Q4: What files are needed for you to produce a rendering?

A4: Plans(floor plan, elevation, ceiling plan in CAD format), perspective angles, material samples and production time are needed for us to produce a rendering

Q5: Concerning Ownership and Copyright, we need you to sign a non disclosure agreement as our clients do not want their images being used in third party marketing purposes.

A5: It's no problem for us to sign a non disclosure agreement for your clients. We promise that we will never disclose any project files to the third party without the clients' permission.

Q6: About the payment, should we pay before the start of the project or after the finish of the project?

A6: Usually we will charge 50% advance payment before the beginning of the project. And the rest payment should be made before we render high resolution image.

Q7: With what kind of methods should we pay?

A7: Paypal, Western Union and Wiretransfer are all accepted by us. You can choose whatever you like.

Q8: Will you charge additional fee if we need some changes?

A8: If the changes don't involve in the design part, it's our pleasure to polish the renderings for you for free.

Q9: How much does it cost if we just need your teams to help with modeling?

A9: We will charge half price of a rendering to do just modeling.

Q10: How do you propose to transmit the file if too large for emails?

A10: We will use our FTP to transmit large files if necessary, or any other tools the clients can suggest.

Q11: What's your work time?

A11: We work from Tuesday to Saturday. Our marketing department working time is from 9:00 am - 12:00 am, 19:00pm - 23:30pm Beijing time. Our technical department working time is from 9:00 am - 12:00 am, 14:00pm - 18:00pm Beijing time.

Q12: If we need the original files(max. and psd. files) after the project is finished. Is it possible for you to provide them to us?

A12: Sorry that we will not provide the original files(max. and psd. files) for our clients for free. We will charge some fee if the clients ask for the original files.