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"It's great. You guys hit exactly what I was envisioning!"

-- Robert D. - Florida

"This is great. Perfect. Exactly what we wanted. Done."

-- Brendan T. – California

"Thanks for making us look good!"

-- Kimberly C. – California

This page describes our work process step by step and gives essential information on the interaction between Newvisual3D and the client:


1.  Step One : Ordering a 3D Service

We need the following information:

All relevant drawings of the project – site plans, landscape plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, furniture layout etc. We prefer .dwg format, but will also accept all major drawing and image formats, .pdf etc.

Note: By sending us digital drawings you will receive a lower price, since it takes less time to convert them to 3D.

All relevant colors, materials and site photos in color samples, photographs, web links with references, color tables etc.

Desired perspective types (bird’s eye view, human eye’s view etc.) and view angles marked on a scheme or described

Note: our provided Size:
Exterior rendering: 4200 at long side in 72 dpi
Interior rendering: 3200 at long side in 72 dpi
Animation: 720*404 pixels

Special mood desired: season, time of the day, twilight, etc. 

Time limitations or desired target date if need 

For 3d animation we need the required duration of the video, a basic storyboard and highlights of the project.

You can send your request directly by e-mail, by filling our contact form.


2.  Step Two : Quote and price approval

Upon your request our team reviews the sent files and prepares a detailed quote for you. The quote includes prices and the expected delivery date.

Once you approve the price and delivery terms we prepare a contract and accept 50% advance payment (Paypal, Western Union, Wiretransfer are accepted) before starting the next step of the work process.


3.  Step Three : Building the 3D Model

After the deposit is received our team starts to build the 3D model. Our models are built precisely to your drawings and can be used for volume studies, design corrections and reviewing defects. During the building process and after the model is complete we will send you low resolution images with your desired view angles for corrections and approval. At this step the site plan also has to be built and approved.

Note: Usually there are 2-3 round of changes. We will charge some fee if too many times of changes required.


4.  Step Four : Adding textures and lighting

After the 3D model is approved we add textures to the surfaces of the model according to your request and set up a light system to simulate photo-realism. At this stage we also add landscape objects, small objects and background image to complete the scene. Low resolution image previews will be sent to you for approval.

Note: Usually there are 3-4 round of changes. We will charge some fee if too many times of changes required.


5.  Step Five : Rendering and post-production

After the textures and lighting are approved by you we render high-quality images. 


6.  Step Six : Project delivery

The final product will be delivered to you by e-mail after full payment is received (Paypal, Western Union, Wiretransfer are accepted). File transfer protocol(FTP) sites can also be used if necessary.

Our standard is high-resolution .jpg file for still images and standard resolution .avi file for animations. If you desire another format, let us know.

The work process from Step 3 to Step 6 usually takes 4 days. For animations and interactive presentations we need several weeks. Additional time is required for more complicated or large projects with many views.

Tight schedules are given top priority. Quick and clear client response is essential for a successful on-time delivery.